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Inspection Cameras/Borescopes
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  1. martindale DC50 Borescope
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    Martindale DC50 Borescope

    • Suitable for use in drainage/plumbing applications (IP67 rated)
    • 3.5" detachable TFT monitor
    • LED light in camera head, semi-rigid cable and includes hook, magnet and right-angled mirror attachments
  2. TestSafe Drain Recordable Inspection Camera
    Save £800.00
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    Recordable Pipe & Drain Flexible Camera - 20, 30 and 40m Options

    • See what's happening in drains, pipes and much more with this flexible system
    • Three cable lengths available
    • HD quality recording
  3. FLIR VS70 Borescope
    Save £895.00
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    FLIR VS70 Borescope (Choice Of Kit)

    • Selection of different kit options
    • Record high quality video and images
    • Advanced controls give added flexibility
  4. TestSafe Drain Recordable Inspection Camera
    Save £1,605.00
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    TestSafe Recordable Drain Inspection Camera (120m)

    • 120m cable - huge size for difficult applications
    • High quality camera feeds video back to monitor in carry case
    • Rechargeable for use on the move
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Inspection Cameras/Borescopes

About Inspection Cameras/Borescopes

Borescopes are incredibly useful instruments. Consisting of a camera attached via a flexible tube to a monitor, these tools can be used to see inside difficult-to-reach applications, making it easy to find blockages, malfunctions and other issues without having to remove and modify elements of whatever you're testing.

As they'll often be used in complete darkness, borescopes' camera always come with attached LED lights to illuminate the path ahead. The image that the camera sees is relayed in real-time back to a monitor that is held in the hand.

The flexible tube that the borescope uses is easily bendable into difficult shapes but is also made of semi-rigid materials that will maintain their shape whenever you need to keep the camera steady.

Applications for the use of borescopes are vast, including seeing inside pipes, ducts and any type of machinery (such as a car engine or process equipment).