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Fuse Finders & Cable Locators
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  1. Dilog DL1093 Wall Scanner - Kit
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    Dilog DL1093 Wall Scanner - Detects Studs, Metal & Cables

    • Sweep over walls to find hidden objects without causing damage
    • Can detect metal pipes, live cables and metallic/wooden studs
    • LED and audio indicators when an object is located
  2. DiLog PL500 Fuse & Cable Locator Set  kit
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    DiLog PL500 Fuse & Cable Locator Set

    • Transmitter and receiver included
    • Accurately trace cables and locate fuses/miniature circuit breakers (MCBs)
    • Trace through walls, find breaks, accurately sort cables and sensitivity adjustment
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Fuse Finders & Cable Locators

About Fuse Finders & Cable Locators

Hidden fuses and cables are hidden no longer with our range of fuse finders and cable locators!

Consisting of a set of transmitter and receiver, these locators send pulses along an area to determine the location of specific objects such as cables or fuses. This way it is possible to map cable systems without actually excavating the cable, saving time, effort, disruption and money.