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Tools & Accessories

Cable Rods

Make cable routing significantly easier with flexible and extremely useful cable rods.


Distance Meters

Ideal for use in surveys, construction & more, distance meters are the perfect replacement for your tape measure.


Fuse Finders & Cable Locators

Trace underground cables and fuses to map underground utility networks before excavation.


General-Use Tools

General-use tools are our non- insulated range of tools and include products such as cable strippers.


Inspection Cameras/Borescopes

See inside pipes, machinery and more with these flexible camera systems and monitoring equipment.


Insulated Pliers & Cutters

Fully insulated tools for electricians. Suitable for use on equipment up to 1000V.


Insulated Tool Kits

Bumper packs including insulated screwdrivers, wrenches, cutters and much more for a reduced price.


Carrying Cases

Protect your testers from harm using our range of soft and hard carrying cases in various sizes.



Light the way when you're working in dark conditions. Check out our range of LED torches


About Tools & Accessories

Whether you're routing cables and looking to make life easier, measuring distances or need to see inside pipes and machinery to spot problems, our tools and accessories section has everything you need!

For cable installers, our range of cable rod tools are trusted by countless professionals as the easiest method of routing cables through even the most difficult of applications. These are available in various kits complete with accessories, different length flexible rods and much more and are a must-have for domestic installers and other cable routing professionals.

Distance meters are suitable for use by everyone from estate agents to those working on construction sites, providing an easy method of calculating distance without cumbersome tape measures and with an extremely high degree of accuracy.

Don't waste time searching for buried utilities or hidden fuses! With our range of fuse finders and cable locators, finding and tracing fuses and cables is extremely easy and doesn't require any excavation that may be time consuming and costly.

Inspection cameras, more commonly known as borescopes, are used to see inside difficult applications. They consist of a camera head attached to a flexible fibre tube that can be bent into even the most difficult of applications to view back what's inside on an attached monitor.

We also stock a range of fully insulated tools suitable for use by all electricians and high voltage professionals.