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Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal Cameras Lenses

Change a thermal camera's field of view using our range of high grade thermal lenses.


Thermal Accessories & Software

Straps, SD cards, carrying cases, charging stations, batteries, software & more for thermal cameras.


FLIR Thermal Cameras

All of the latest thermal cameras from FLIR, the global leader in thermal camera development.


Fluke Thermal Cameras
From £995.00

Ideal for use in everything from building analysis to electrical panel troubleshooting.


CorDEX Thermal Cameras
From £5,695.00

Carry out thermal surveys in explosive environments with CorDEX's intrinsically safe cameras.


Testo Thermal Cameras
From £1,709.34

With both handheld and advanced thermal cameras, Testo is ideal for several users.


All Thermal Cameras

Looking for a thermal imaging camera to suit your needs? Compare brands, prices and features.


IR Windows

Use alongside your thermal camera to see inside of electrical boxes without having to shut systems down.


About Thermal Imaging Cameras

The easiest way to take temperature measurements over an area and absolutely ideal for use in every application from marine work to evaluating electrical panel components, thermal cameras are constantly becoming more affordable and are being adopted as measurements tools of choice by many different professionals.

By using infrared technology, a thermal camera is able to take a snapshot of an area and calculate specific temperature points. This information is then translated as a thermal image, allowing the user to easily see differences in temperature.

The applications for these tools are incredible. Here's just a few examples of how thermography can be used:

  • Scan electrical systems for overheating components, allowing corrective action to be taken
  • Spotting intruders and unauthorised access to areas when integrated into CCTV systems
  • Spotting insulation loss and moisture damage in buildings
  • Detecting icebergs in maritime travel
  • Evaluating the temperature output of heating appliances
  • Detecting wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Tracking criminals on foot and in police cars when used in law applications
  • Much more!

At PAT-Services, we stock the leading thermal camera models from world-renowned manufacturers FLIR, Fluke, Testo and CorDEX.