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Socket and See

Socket & See SS130 4mm Adaptor

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  • Ports for attachment of test leads

  • Perform measurements of R1 and R2

  • Easily take measurements of live, neutral and earth

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Socket & See SS130 4mm Adaptor

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  • Description

Socket & See SS130 4mm Adaptor Details

For a safe and reliable accessory that can get you quick test result without the need to remove the whole UK plug and socket from the wall, you need an adaptor that can completely conduct tests within seconds, whilst also being perfectly safe. The best device out there that can do all of this and more is the Socket & See SS130 4mm Adaptor which provides you with excellent value for money.

With this piece of electrical testing equipment, you will be fully able to get a good connection to all of the electrical wiring installations when you use the 4 millimetre test probes. Once they have been connected to the 3 pin socket, you won’t need to take the socket off of the wall in order to perform these tasks with this plug socket tester. It can perform R1 and R2 measurements as well as being able to detect voltage through the wall socket outlets.

The earth and phase conductors are securely linked to the distribution board, and the probes that test continuity can be placed inside the phase R1 and R2 4 millimetre sockets. A reading will then be taken before it automatically moves onto the next socket to take another measurement.

This Socket & See SS130 4mm Adaptor, unlike most of the piece of electrical testing equipment available, it can be used in conjunction with a whole range of different continuity testers and also test metres manufactured by Robin, Kewtech, DiLog, Megger, Seaward and Metrel.

For the best possible plug socket tester that money can buy, the Socket & See SS130 4mm Adaptor is able to provide you with the best value and can give you top quality results within seconds, without any extra effort on your part or danger to yourself, as the wall socket can stay connected at all times.

To Use

  • Plug the adapter into a socket
  • Connect the live, neutral and earth test leads to the adapter
  • Take the measurements!

It really is as simple as that!

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