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SimplyPats V6 PAT Testing Software

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  • Versatile software package with useful features

  • Compatible with large list of testers

  • Download and interact with test data

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Simply Pats PAT Testing Software

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  • Description

SimplyPats V6 PAT Testing Software Details

SimplyPats V6 Professional PAT testing Management Software (Includes 2 Licences*)

SimplyPats V6 makes managing your PAT testing data both easy and affordable and now includes two licences, making it more convenient by allowing you to run the software on two computers at any given time. Free updates and technical support are also supplied for the life of the product.

*Contact SimplyPats support for full terms and conditions.

The PAT software is perfect for downloadable testers, allowing the data to be placed straight into the software for editing, analysis and reporting. Don’t worry if you have a non-downloadable tester as there is a detailed manual entry screen which allows asset information and test results to be entered.

When you have purchased this software you will receive an envelope containing a card and instruction documents containing unique key numbers to enable you to access the software. 

Once downloaded your test data is displayed on screen in an easy to understand format, every piece of important information relating to each test is displayed on the main screen, no need to click through three different menus just to see the test results.

Group, Sort and Find Data

The portable appliance testing software is packed full of useful features, grouping allows you to arrange the data into expandable and collapsible groups which makes finding the data you want much quicker. Simply use the find function to find any appliance by using the appliance id or description or sort your data by clicking on the column headers.


Test reports are an important part of PAT testing for keeping records and providing a professional service, the common reports include appliance register, pass/fail report and certificate testing. The reports can be customised for a unique look for your company, which can incorporate a logo, relevant colour scheme and digital signature.

All Test Reports can be exported in the following formats; PDF (Adobe Reader), MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, Text or Tiff.

Retest and Managing Overdue Appliances

Make sure you know when your retesting of appliances is due by using the review customer screen or retest calendar. It can be difficult to keep track of all your testing, but now all you have to do is select the relevant date to view the data file for the appliance due on that date.  A report can even be created which will show all appliances that are due for retest in the selected period.

To check which appliances are overdue, you can enter the range period and then the current overdue appliances and those due to be classed as overdue will be shown

Simplypats V6 Features:

  • Full Screen and re-sizable windows
  • Full word or abbreviations to enter certain data (if supported)
  • Data exported via main screens in CSV (Excel) and MDB (Access)
  • Bulk replace feature
  • 11 Standard reports
  • Automatic invoice generation based on charge and repair codes (if supported)
  • Send Retest Information to MS Outlook™

Supports over 38 PAT Testers (V6.0.5)

Seaward PAT testers

  • Seaward Europa
  • Seaward Europa+
  • Seaward Supernova
  • Seaward Supernova+
  • Seaward 1000x
  • Seaward 1000s
  • Seaward IT1000
  • Seaward PAT1000
  • Seaward 2000i
  • Seaward PAT2000
  • Seaward Primtest 300 (Ascii download only)
  • Seaward Primtest 350 (Ascii download only)
  • Plus variants of the above testers, please contact support if you are unsure.

Metrel PAT Testers

  • Metrel AlphaPat (MI 2142)
  • Metrel Alphapat (Australian and NewZealand Firmware) (MI 2142)
  • Metrel BetaPat (MI 2141)
  • Metrel BetaPat Plus (MI 3304)
  • Metrel Betapat (Australian and NewZealand Firmware) (MI 3303)
  • Metrel BetaPat Plus (Australian and NewZealand Firmware) (MI 3304)
  • Metrel GammaPat (MI 3311)
  • Metral OmegaPat (MI 2140
  • Metrel OmegaPat Plus (MI 3305)
  • Metrel SigmaPat (MI3310)
  • Metrel DeltaPat (MI3309)

Megger PAT Testers

  • Megger PAT4 DV (AVO)
  • Megger PAT4 DV3 (AVO)
  • Megger PAT410 (CSV Import Only at this current time)
  • Megger PAT420 (CSV Import Only at this current time)
  • Megger PAT450 (CSV Import Only at this current time)


  • Kewtech KT74 (Data Imported through USB Stick or Data Cable)
  • Kewtech KT75
  • Kewtech KT77 (Data Imported through USB Stick or Data Cable)


  • Fluke 6500 (supports Data Imported through CD Card or Data Cable)


  • Martindale MPATPLUS (MicroPat+)


  • Transmille 6080
  • Transmille 6080 PLUS


  • TRIO SmartCal Pro Logger II (Download supported via Manufacturers supplied Utility - CSV Import)


  • Robin SmartPat 5000
  • Robin SmartPat 5500


  • MPAT 60

Software/Hardware Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 plus some older windows operating systems are supported but please contact support to check.

SimplyPats will quite happily run on MAC hardware but will still require Windows OS (see above).  Running Windows OS on MAC hardware is possible with two solutions being Boot Camp or Parallels.

  • AMD or Intel Processor 1Ghz or higher (2Ghz Preferred)
  • 1 GB RAM, 30Mb free Hard Drive space, plus space for data files and photos
  • One free Com Port with Standard UART or USB Port (Requires USB to Serial converter)
  • Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 by 768
  • Only USB to Serial Converters designed using an FTDI Chipset (available separately) are currently supported.
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
  • Technical Specs

Hardware Requirements

  • AMD or Intel Processor 1Ghz or higher (2Ghz Preferred).
  • 1Gb RAM.
  • 30Mb free Hard Drive space, plus space for data files and photos.
  • Minimum Screen Resolution 1024 by 768 preferred.
  • One free Com Port with Standard UART or USB Port (Requires Compatible USB to Serial converter) if using a downloadable PAT Tester.
  • Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
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