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Peak Electronics

Peak Electronics LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter

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  • Fine resolution for enhanced component analysis

  • Works with inductors, resistors and capacitors

  • Universal test leads

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Peak Electronics LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter

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  • Description

Peak Electronics LCR45 LCR and Impedance Meter Details

An upgraded version of Peak Electronics' LCR40, the LCR45 is an extremely effective method of measuring the resistance, capacitance and inductance of passive components.

Portable, capable of fitting in the palm of the hand and operated by just two buttons, the LCR45 either carries out fully automatic testing with scrollable values on the built-in screen or it is possible to carry out testing manually. It also automatically determines the component type being tested and a manual selection mode is also included for components with more unusual characteristics.

Testing results are broken down into three specific sections; a screen for the component type and its values, a screen for full complex impedance value and a final screen for showing impedance in its polar form of magnitude and phase.

Peak Electronics LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter Key Features

  • Detailed analysis of components with information on component summary, complex impedance and magnitude/phase
  • Supplied with gold-plated removable hook probes
  • Fluid measurements with hold function
  • Automatic or manual component type selection
  • Automatic or manual test frequency (DC, 1kHz, 15kHz or 200kHz)
  • Enhance measurements resolution (0.2uH, 0.2pF and 0.2Ω)
  • Easy menu system for access to user settings
  • Enhanced compensation for component parasitics and losses (e.g core losses)
  • Automatic or manual power-off
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  • Technical Specs

Peak Electronics LCR45 Technical Specifications

Parameter  Minimum   Typical   Maximum   Notes 
Range   2MΩ  
Resolution 0.1Ω 0.2Ω    
Accuracy Typically ±1.0%±0.6Ω 1,2,6
Range 0pF   10000μF  
Resolution 0.1pF 0.2pF    
Accuracy Typically ±1.5% ±0.6pF 1,2,5
Range 0μH   10H  
Resolution 0.1μH 0.2μH    
Accuracy Typically ±1.5%±0.6μH 1,2,4
Re and Im Typically ±1.5%±10LSD 4,5,6
Magnitude Typically ±1.5%±10LSD 4,5,6
Phase Typically±5° 4,5,6
Measurement Sample Rate 0.5Hz 1.5Hz 2Hz  
Peak Test Voltage (across O/C) -1.05V   +1.05V  
 Peak Test Current (through S/C)  -3.25mA   +3.25mA  
Test Frequency
1kHz Typically ±0.5%  
14.9254kHz 7
Sine Purity Tyipcally -60dB 3rd Harmonic
Operating Temperature Range 10°C   40°C 3
Battery Operating Voltage 8.5V   13V  

1. Within 12 months of factory calibration. Please contact us if you require a full re-calibration and/or certification of traceable calibration.
2. Specified at temperatures between 15°C and 30°C.
3. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.
4. For inductances between 100µH and 100mH in fully auto mode.
5. For capacitances between 200pF and 500nF in fully auto mode.
6. For resistances between 10Ω and 1MΩ in fully auto mode.
7. For clarity, the 14.9254kHz test frequency is shown as 15kHz.

Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
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