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Metrel PAT Testers
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  1. Metrel GammaPAT MI3311 Lite Hand Held Battery Powered PAT Tester
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    Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Lite PAT Tester

    • Built-in memory (non-downloadable)
    • Calibration checkbox ensures accuracy of tester
    • Wide suite of testing procedures
  2. Metrel MI3311 Pro Downloadable Hand Held Battery Powered PAT Tester
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    Save £169.28
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    Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Pro PAT Tester

    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Downloadable with 1500 record memory
    • Simple and automatic modes for ease of use
  3. Metrel MI 3309 DeltaGT Standard Kit
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    Metrel MI 3309 DeltaGT BT PAT Tester

    • Portable, handheld design
    • Bluetooth connectivity to Android smartphones
    • Communication with PC for downloading of data
  4. Metrel MI 3310 SigmaPAT PAT Tester
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    Save £356.00
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    Metrel MI 3310 SigmaPAT PAT Tester

    • Can be powered by batteries and mains
    • 6000 record memory with download
    • QWERTY keyboard, built-in checkbox and much more
  5. Metrel MI3304 BetaPAT Plus Professional Downloadable PAT Tester
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    Metrel BetaPAT Plus MI 3304 PAT Tester with Software

    • Test portable appliances, IT equipment and leads
    • USB connectivity, user-friendly interface, personalised tests and downloadable memory
    • Measure earth bond, insulation resistance, leakage current, polarity, trip-out-time and 115V/230V operation
  6. Metrel MI3305 Project Upload PAT Tester
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    Metrel OmegaPAT Plus MI 3305 PAT Tester

    • Built into its own protective carrying case
    • Fully downloadable with integrated memory and QWERTY keyboard
    • Wide range of testing procedures, barcode reader compatible and more
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Metrel PAT Testers

About Metrel PAT Testers

Metrel's range of portable appliance testing instruments cater for the needs of both mid-range of larger PAT testing applications. Their instruments are available in a wide variety of forms ranging from portable, handheld machines to professional-grade PAT testers built into large carry case and packed full of features.

Those looking for a more portable solution to PAT testing should consider the Metrel GammaPAT and DeltaPAT. The GammaPAT is available in both Lite and Pro models, with the difference between the two being that the Pro model comes with 1500 record memory and can download directly to PC. Both versions of the GammaPAT are identical in appearance and functionality apart from the aforementioned memory.

Metrel's DeltaPAT is also identical in appearance to the GammaPAT but comes with memory as standard and can also interface via Bluetooth with Android-powered smartphones. This enables the user to control their PAT tester using their phone, making hands-free operation possible.

Those looking for more comprehensive PAT testing machines should consider purchasing Metrel's BetaPAT, OmegaPAT and SigmaPAT testers. Larger in size than the GammaPAT and DeltaPAT, these instruments come with a wider range of testing procedures, huge memory, QWERTY keyboard, built-in checkboxes and much more (features dependant on model).

Before you buy your new Metrel PAT tester, why not also consider buying one of our exclusive PAT testing kits? Put together to make sure you get everything you need when testing, these kits come with everything you get as standard with the usual PAT tester and accessories such as software, labels, leads, adaptors, logbooks, training DVDs and much more!

To take a look at our exclusive Metrel PAT testing bundles, simply pick a tester above and the options will be available inside.

Any questions about our range of Metrel testers? Simply give us a call or get in touch via email and we'll be happy to help you choose the right tester for your application.