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Megger PAT Testers
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  1. Megger PAT120 PAT Tester
    Free Bundle
    Save £140.00
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    Megger PAT120 PAT Tester

    • Portable, tough and extremely easy to use
    • Suitable for use with all appliance types, including IT equipment
    • Ideal for offices and shops
  2. Megger PAT150 PAT Tester
    Free Bundle
    Save £195.00
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    Megger PAT150 PAT Tester

    • Upgraded version of Megger's PAT120
    • Adjustable testing limits and duration
    • Tough, rubber-armoured casing
  3. Megger PAT320 Dual Voltage Pat Tester
    Save £335.00
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    Megger PAT320 PAT Tester

    • Differential, touch and substitute leakage testing
    • Bond testing at 25A, 10A and 200mA
    • Full colour screen
  4. Megger PAT350 PAT Tester with Flash Test
    Save £400.00
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    Megger PAT350 PAT Tester

    • PAT tester with full colour LCD display
    • Flash testing
    • Performs all the testing procedures you need
  5. Megger PAT410 PAT Kit
    Free Bundle
    Save £465.00
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    Megger PAT410 PAT Tester

    • Slim design
    • Storage of up to 10,000 records
    • Save results directly to USB stick
  6. Megger PAT420 Tester Kit
    Free Bundle
    Save £540.00
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    Megger PAT420 PAT Tester

    • 200mA, 10A, 25A earth bond test
    • 110V run test
    • Download your results to USB stick
  7. Megger PAT450 PAT Tester Kit
    Free Bundle
    Save £565.00
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    Megger PAT450 PAT Tester

    • 1.5kV and 3.0kV flash test
    • 110V run test
    • Ability to save 10,000 results to USB stick
7 Item(s)
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Megger PAT Testers

About Megger PAT Testers

Known for their innovative and extremely useful test equipment, Megger have developed several different PAT testers that are extremely popular amongst portable appliance testing professionals.

Starting from the Megger PAT320 and ending with the Megger PAT450, their range of testers expand gradually in terms of functionality. Those looking for an entry-level model should consider the PAT320, while those wanting more advanced testing procedures such as flash testing and run testing should consider models such as the PAT420 and PAT450.

From the PAT410 upwards each Megger PAT tester comes with built-in memory and can be directly download to PC via a USB stick, making it extremely easy to manage your PAT testing data.

After choosing which PAT tester is right for you, why not also consider purchasing one of our exclusive Megger PAT testing kits? These bundles can't be bought anywhere else and come with all standard manufacturer accessories and additional items such as software, leads, adaptors, training DVDs and much more for a vastly reduced price.

If you're not sure which Megger PAT tester is right for you simply get in touch directly via phone or email and we'll be happy to guide you to the right PAT tester.