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PAT Testers

First Stop Safety
From £185.00

Make PAT testing simple with First Stop Safety's MemoryPAT and BattPAT testers.


Fluke PAT Testers
From £997.00

All of Fluke's most popular PAT testers, including the Fluke 6200 and Fluke 6500.


Kewtech PAT Testers
From £295.00

View Kewtech's range of PAT testers, including the KT71, KT72, KT76 and KT77.


Martindale PAT Testers
From £229.00

Suitable for beginners and advanced users. Includes HPAT range, EasyPAT range and MicroPAT.


Megger PAT Testers
From £289.00

All of the most popular PAT testers from Megger including PAT320, PAT350, PAT410, PAT420 and PAT450.


Metrel PAT Testers
From £341.00

Whether it's the simple GammaPAT or the downloadable SigmaPAT, Metrel's testers are perfect for your application.


Robin-Amprobe PAT Testers
From £361.60

New and innovative PAT testers from Robin-Amprobe, including the GT400 UK.


Seaward PAT Testers
From £190.00

Leading PAT testers from Seaward including the Apollo 600/500, PrimeTest range and Supernova.


UNI-T PAT Testers
From £179.00

UNI-T's UT527 and UT528 testers are perfect for everyone from beginners to experienced professionals.


Barcode Scanners

Compatible with downloadable PAT testers, barcode scanners scan labels quickly to recall testing data.


Books & Training

Buy the latest IET Code of Practice book, PAT training books and PAT training DVDs.



Pass labels, fail labels, barcode labels & more available in many different bundle sizes.


Leads & Adapters

Universally compatible with PAT testers, these leads allow measurements on specific appliances.


Logbooks & Registers

Essential for use with manual PAT testers, these books allow you to keep records of all of your data.


Microwave Leakage Detectors

Quickly test microwave ovens for excessive radiation leakage and ensure correct operation.


Printers & Refills

Wireless and wired printers for use with many PAT testers. Print your own labels and records quickly and easily.


PAT Software

Interact with your PAT testing data. Create custom reports, download data, create invoices and more.


All PAT Testers

Unsure what PAT testing equipment you want? Compare brands, prices and features of all PAT testers.


TestSafe PAT Testers

TestSafe have the lowest price PAT tester on the market with the popular miniPAT.


About PAT Testers

PASS is trusted every single day by PAT testing professionals as their supplier of choice. As we work closely with the most popular manufacturers of PAT testing equipment, including Megger, Seaward, Fluke, Metrel and Martindale, you can rest assured that you'll always receive a high quality tester designed to make PAT testing easier than ever before.

As well as all standard manufacturer PAT testers, PASS also supplies a number of unique PAT testing kits that you won't get anywhere else. Including a PAT tester of your choice, these exclusive bundles come with additional and extremely useful PAT testing accessories such as PAT labels, PAT software, leads and adapters, logbooks, training DVDs, barcode scanners and much more for a reduced price!

We stock all leading models of PAT tester including the Seaward Apollo 600 and 500, the Fluke 6200 and 6500, Kewtech KT76 and KT77, Megger PAT range, Martindale's EasyPAT and MicroPAT, the First Stop Safety BattPAT and MemoryPAT and the highly popular UNI-T UT527 and UT528.

Since PAT testing can be carried out by anyone from beginners to experienced users, we've aimed to include specific testers for all levels of PAT testing skill. Manual PAT testers, such as the UT528, are ideal for use by those who are new to the field, while downloadable PAT testers such as the KT77 and Fluke 6500 are best suited to professional or high volume applications.

Our store also has all the PAT testing accessories you need, including PAT testing labels, barcode scanners, books and training items, leads and adapters, logbooks/registers, microwave leakage detectors, PAT testing printers and software for use with both downloadable and manual PAT instruments.

Not sure what you need? No problem! PASS is here to help - simply give us a call and one of our team will help you choose the right PAT tester and additional items for your application.