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Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Lite PAT Tester

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  • Built-in memory - 1500 records

  • Simple and auto testing modes

  • PASS/FAIL indication

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Metrel GammaPAT MI3311 Lite Hand Held Battery Powered PAT Tester

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Select a Free PAT Bundle

  • PAT Handbook + Logbook + 750 Labels (500 Pass & 250 Fail)
    FREE   £55.45
  • 110V Adapter + Logbook + 1,000 Labels (500 Pass, 250 Cord & 250 Fail)
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  • Description

Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Lite PAT Tester Details

This brand new portable appliance tester from Metrel is portable, battery powered and full of features any novice or professional will find useful. This Lite version is not downloadable, but can be made downloadable with an upgrade kit. If you require a downloadable Metrel GammaPAT, see the pro package.

The Metrel GammaPAT has onscreen diagrams showing how to set up each appliance for a test. When an item has been tested, readings will be shown on the large backlit display and a red/green LED will light up indicating a pass or fail.

For ease of use, the Metrel MI3311 PAT Tester can be operated in “simple” or “auto” mode, which is ideal for any level of user. “Simple mode” allows you to run your test with preset pass/fail levels (i.e. Class I, Class II or IEC/Extension Lead), whereas “auto mode” allows you to enter actual results, ideal for long lead calculation.

With the Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT PAT Tester there is no need for separate chargers for your batteries, simply connect the tester to the supplied lead and plug it into the mains, easy! Another money saving feature is the Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT’s inbuilt calibration checkbox. This PAT tester is the first on the market to have this feature and makes sure you comply fully to the IEE Code of Practice.

The Metrel MI3311 PAT Tester has an inbuilt memory capable of storing up to 1500 PAT results. These results can be reviewed after testing and downloaded to a PC with an upgrade kit (not included, see the Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Pro PAT Tester for this ability).

This is the ideal tester if you plan to record results manually, but want the option to convert to a downloadable tester at a later date.

Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Lite PAT Tester Features

  • Battery powered and rechargeable
  • Inbuilt calibration checkbox
  • 1500 result memory
  • Upgradeable to a downloadable tester
  • Simple or auto mode
  • Magnetic base to work hands free
  • Red/green pass and fail LEDs
  • Large backlit display
  • 200mA earth bond test
  • 250V or 500V insulation test
  • 3 year warranty

Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Lite PAT Tester Specification

  • Size: 230 x 140x 80mm
  • Weight: Approx 1kg

Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT Lite PAT Tester is Supplied With

  • Metrel MI3311 GammaPAT PAT Tester
  • Metrel GammaPAT MI3311 Instruction Manual
  • Metrel GammaPAT Carry Case
  • Earth Bond Lead with probe and clip
  • 230V to IEC lead
  • 6 rechargeable batteries and lead
  • 3 year warranty
Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
  • Technical Specs

Metrel GammaPAT Technical Specifications

Earth Continuity  
Range Resolution Accuracy
0.00Ω to 19.99Ω 0.01Ω ±(5% reading + 3 digits)
20.0Ω to 199.9Ω 0.1Ω Indication only
200Ω to 1999Ω
Test Currents 200mA into 2.00Ω
Open Circuit Voltage <9V AC
PASS Levels 0.10Ω, 0.20Ω, 0.30Ω, 0.40Ω, 0.50Ω, 0.60Ω, 0.70Ω, 0.80Ω, 0.90Ω, 1.00Ω, 1.50Ω, 2.00Ω
Test Duration 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s, 120s, ---s
Test Method 2 wire measurement
Insulation Resistance  
Range Resolution Accuracy
0.00MΩ to 19.99MΩ 0.01MΩ ±(5% of reading + 3 digits)
20.0MΩ to 49.9MΩ 0.1MΩ
50MΩ to 199.9MΩ 0.1MΩ Indication only
Nominal Voltages 250V DC, 500V DC (-0%, +10%)
Measuring Current min. 1mA at 250kΩ (250V, 500kΩ (500V)
Short Circuit Current Max 2.0mA
Pass Levels 0.01MΩ, 0.10MΩ, 0.25MΩ, 0.30MΩ, 0.50MΩ, 1MΩ, 2MΩ, 4MΩ, 7MΩ, 10MΩ, ---MΩ
Test Duration 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s, 120s, ---s

Further specs available in attached documentation.

Questions?Do you have a question about this product? Call our customer service team on 01642 631685.
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