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Kewtech KEW6310 Power Quality Analyser (Analyzer)

SKU: KEW6310
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  • Carry out extended surveys with this tester's massive memory

  • Quick report function quantifies energy use and produces a report in just 2 minutes

  • Comprehensive measurements of power systems

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Kewtech KEW6310 Compact Power Quality Analyser Kit

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  • Description

Kewtech KEW6310 Power Quality Analyser (Analyzer) Details

Comes with PQA Master PC Software!

The Kyoritsu/Kewtech KEW6310 Power Quality Tester is packed full of functions for power quality analysis and power consumption. This power quality analyser can analyse and store measurements from both single phase and three phase systems. The Kewtech KEW6310 has handy features like operating on batteries or via mains, USB communication to a PC and Compact Flash memory.

Kyoritsu/Kewtech KEW6310 Power Quality Analyser (Analyzer) Features:

  • Power Consumption (Energy) Control: 12 kinds of Power Measurements for Power Control and Applicable to Power Quality Control including Harmonics Analysis. (Voltage, Current, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, Power factor, Frequency, Current flowing on the neutral line (only on 3 phase 4 wire measurement), Active power energy, Reactive power energy, Apparent power energy, Demand measurement (with digital output alarm function available).
  • One click easy-to-use operation.
  • Direct communication with from the Kewtech KEW6310 to a PC via USB cable.
  • Built-in Input / Output Function of external signal enables the signal transmission to alarms.
  • 2-way power supply by AC and battery, and Nickel Hydrogen battery usable with rechargeable function.
  • Compact Flash Card, useful for backup.
  • Can monitor insulation at leakage current by using optional leak clamp sensors.
  • Built-in Print Screen function enables to record display screen.
  • Can display Waveform and Vector, and can confirm the wiring connection, too.
  • The Kewtech KEW 6310 Power Analyser complies fully with International Safety Standards IEC61010-1 CAT.III 600V.

Kyoritsu/Kewtech KEW6310 Power Quality Analyser (Analyzer) Comes With

  • 3x 3000A flexi-clamps
  • Voltage test lead
  • USB cable
  • Mains power cord
  • Soft carrying case
  • Compact Flash Card reader / 128mb Compact Flash Card
  • Input terminal plate (6-kind)
  • Alkaline size AA batteries
  • PQA MASTER PC Software
  • Kewtech KEW 6310 quick manual
  • Cable marker
  • 2 year warranty

Power Quality Analyser: Transients / Over Voltage (Impulse)
Kewtech KEW6310 can set Detecting Level Value (Threshold Value).
Easy-to-use Checking the Occurrence data on the Kewtech KEW 6310 display.

Cause of Transients Over Voltage

Arises from defective contact etc. of Breakers, Magnets and Relays.

Reaches highest value (peak value) of voltage in a very short time from inputting voltage and this is a unipolar type voltage change (Spike) that attenuates slowly.
Bad Effect of Transients Over Voltage

Destroys the instrument’s power source and causes reset action due to sudden voltage change (Spike).

Power Quality Analyser: Inrush Current

Kewtech KEW6310 can set detecting level value (Threshold Value).

Easy-to-Use Confirming the Occurrence data on the Kewtech KEW 6310 display.

Cause of Inrush Current

Large current (Surge current) flows transiently at the time of starting of instruments etc. which have built-in motor, incandescent lamp, larger capacity smoothing condenser.

Bad Effect of Inrush Current

Causes bad effect to power switch's welding, fusing, breaker’s trip and converter circuit etc. and also causes unstable power voltage.

Power Quality Analyser: Harmonics Analysis

  • Kewtech KEW6310 can measure and analyze from 1st to 63rd Harmonics.
  • Harmonics contents (THD: Total Harmonics Distortion Display).
  • Can judge Inflow / Outflow.
  • Can set Detecting Level Value (Threshold Value).

Cause of Harmonics

Control circuits of instruments use inverter circuit (condenser input type converter circuit) and thyristor control circuit (phase control circuit). These circuits cause distortion in the current. The distortion causes harmonics.

Bad Effect of Harmonics

Causes burning of phase advance condenser and reactor, beat of transformer, wrong way of breaker, flicker of TV image, noise of audio players etc.

Instruments Causing Harmonics

  • Factory / Building
  • Direct current motor power device, electric furnace, inverter appliance, uninterrupted power supply, PC, fluorescent lamp, elevator, air-conditioning equipment etc.
  • Residential House
  • Air Conditioner, PC, TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator, Cleaner, Fluorescent Lamp etc.

Power Quality Analyser: Swells/Dips/Instantaneous Stop

  • Kewtech KEW6310 can set Detecting Level Value (Threshold value).
  • Easy-to-use confirming the Occurrence data such as Swells/Dips/Instantaneous Stop on the display.

Cause of Swells (Voltage Rise)

Voltage rises instantaneously by Inrush Current caused at the time of power input of the power line switchgear.

Cause of Dips (Voltage Drop)

Voltage drop happens by Inrush Current caused at the time of starting of load of motors etc.

Cause of Instantaneous Stop

Power supply stops instantaneously due to thunderbolt etc.

(Under 1 sec.) (Interruption of Service > Power supply stop more than 1sec.)

Bad Effect of Swells/Dips/Instantaneous Stop

Stops operation of instruments / welding robots and causes reset of OA appliances like PC.

Power Quality Analyser: Unbalance Rate

Kewtech KEW6310 has one touch switch to vector display and power display.

Easy-to-use confirming phase angle difference thanks to Kewtech KEW 6310 vector display.

Cause of Unbalance

Specific Phase gets over loaded due to fluctuation of power line load and unbalanced equipment built. These cause distortion of voltage / current, voltage drop and antiphase voltage.

Bad Effect of Unbalance

Causes unbalance of voltage / current.

Power Quality Analyser: Phase Advance Condenser

Kewtech KEW6310 selects Best Capacity of Phase Advance Condenser by Referring to Loaded Capacity and Power Factor of Transformer.

Power Quality Analyser: Wave Range (Waveform Display)

Kewtech KEW6310 can check fluctuation of voltage and current simultaneously in each phase.

Easy-to-Use Switching to Vector display and Waveform display.

Built-in Function Confirming Wiring Connection.

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