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Carbon Monoxide/CO Detectors
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  1. Fluke CO 220 Carbon Monoxide Meter
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    Fluke CO-220 CO Detector

    • Detect and measure carbon monoxide (CO) in the area
    • Audible beeper with increased frequency at higher PPM concentrations
    • Backlit LCD screen, MAX hold, automatic zeroing and beeper shut-off
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Carbon Monoxide/CO Detectors

About Carbon Monoxide/CO Detectors

Carbon monoxide (commonly abbreviated as CO) is a hazardous, invisible and odourless gas that must be kept in check at all times. Commonly found within standard boilers and similar equipment, CO leaks and build-up is extremely dangerous and claims the lives of unsuspecting victims each and every year.

Our range of carbon monoxide detectors are made both for personal use and can also be used as handheld tools. Those looking for an alert that can be worn on the clothes to quickly detect CO levels should take a look at the Kane 77-UK, which is a portable instrument that can be used completely hands-free. If it detects a spike in carbon monoxide, this detector will vibrate, shine LED lights and also emit a noise to ensure the user understands that CO is present.

Many of our carbon monoxide detectors are built for use by professional users who must take every precauation to ensure they are protected against CO when taking measurements. Instruments such as the Kane CO91 are equipped with probes for specific measurements of CO inside flue gas appliances and are perfect for use by boiler installation and gas professionals.

Not sure which of our CO detectors is right for your needs? No problem - give us a call and we'll be happy to guide you to the right product.