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Carbon Dioxide/CO2 Detectors
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  1. Kane Alert CO2 Indoor CO2 and Temperature Monitor kit
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    Kane Alert CO2 Indoor CO2 and Temperature Monitor

    • Constant monitoring of carbon dioxide up to 3000ppm
    • Also measures temperature from 0 to 50°C
    • MAX/MIN and alarm modes
  2. Anton IAQ 8494 CO2 Detector kit
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    Anton IAQ 8494 CO2 Detector

    • Suitable for detection of carbon dioxide (CO2) from 0-9999ppm
    • Adjustable audible alarm
    • Long-life sensor (approx 15 years continuous use)
  3. Testo 535 Ambient CO2 Meter
  4. Kane 100-1
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    Kane 100-1 Ambient Co and CO2 Analyser

    • Quick and easy measurements of CO (carbon monoxide) and CO2 (carbon dioxide)
    • Includes internal pump for use in room air or ducts and long sampling hose for silent measurements in public areas
    • Built-in memory, rechargeable batteries and compatible with Kane printers
  5. Testo 535 CO2 Monitor
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    Testo 535 CO2 Monitor

    • 2 channel infrared sensor
    • 0 to +9,999 ppm CO2
    • Maximum and mean calculation
5 Item(s)
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Carbon Dioxide/CO2 Detectors

About Carbon Dioxide/CO2 Detectors

Although it is often carbon monoxide (CO) that is the more hazardous gas, excessive levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) within an area can have adverse effects on those working within that environment.

As a standard, <600ppm is defined as the comfortable level of CO2 in an area. The normal outside level of CO2 is around 350-400ppm and levels higher than the comfort level can have effects from complaints about smells to drowsiness and extremely serious health effects. At a range of 100000ppm, a human can fall unconscious and potentially be killed.

Keeping CO2 levels in check ensures a comfortable environment for all. Our range of carbon dioxide detectors can be used to quickly assess the levels of CO2 within the area and steps can be taken to make a more comfortable environment based upon the information found.

These detectors are absolutely ideal for use anywhere there's a risk of carbon dioxide build-up including offices, hospitals, schools and industrial applications.