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Flir B425 Thermal Imaging (Imager) Camera

Product Code: Flir B425

£7,999.00 + VAT
(£9,598.80 incl VAT)

(List Price: £13,306.00)

YOU SAVE £5,307.00

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FLIR B425 Thermal Imaging Camera


The New FLIR B425 Thermal Imaging Camera makes high-end infrared affordable to the wide professional audience

The FLIR B425 Thermal Imager is an innovative, feature rich infrared camera equipped with FLIR's Thermal Fusion technology.

FLIR B425 Thermal Imager with Thermal Fusion Technology
The Thermal Fusion functionality allows for easier identification and interpretation of infrared images. This advanced technology enhances the value of an infrared image by allowing you to overlay it directly over the corresponding visible image. The functionality combines the benefits of both the infrared image and visual picture at the push of a button. The FLIR B425 Thermal Imaging Camera does this in real time and the overlay function can be easily adjusted to suit any application such as electrical surveys, building diagnostics, and mechanical inspections.

Applications for the FLIR B425 Thermal Imager
The latest FLIR B425 IR Camera is designed to tackle the performance demands of industrial, plant, and utility professionals responsible for effective electrical / mechanical inspections and MRO. With an attractive price / performance ratio, the B425 Thermal Imaging Camera makes high-end IR available as an important tool to increase productivity for professional user.

Easy to use for quick, accurate diagnostics
The B425 Thermal Imaging Camera belongs to the FLIR B Series of powerful, simple-to-use, and durable IR cameras, and has a 320 x 240 focal plane array detector (76,800 pixels). This new camera stands out from the competition with a combination of versatile and sophisticated features only found on FLIR cameras. For quick, highly detailed diagnostics in industrial applications, the B425 Thermal Imager matches 2 % thermal accuracy and < 0.05 บC thermal sensitivity (NETD) with an insulation and humidity alarm.

Flexible functions and unique features
To tailor temperature readings to a user's specific needs, the FLIR B425 Thermal Imaging Camera offers measurement modes over and above center-spot readings: 5 spot meters, 5 box areas, isotherm color alarms and automatic hot/cold spot. Text annotation connects voice comments with images, even on reports.

Create professional inspection reports
Using the FLIR QuickReport software included with this Flir B425 Thermal Imaging Camera, you are able to create professional inspection reports containing all of the images and important information obtained from your thermal imaging. Click here to view an example test report created using FLIR QuickReport.

FLIR B425 Thermal Imaging Camera features

• Imaging and optical data
• Optics head and display screen are independently rotatable for optimum viewing (Field of view: 25ฐ x 19ฐ)
• Lens: 25ฐ (and interchangeable optics)
• Focal Plane array (FPA), uncooled microbolometer, 320 x 240 pixels
• Thermal sensitivity (NETD): 50 mK (0.05ฐC at 30ฐC)
• Focus: Manual/automatic
• 1–8ื continuous, digital zoom, including panning
• Spectral range: 7.5 to 13ตm
• Built-in LaserLocatIR
Image presentation
• Large 3.5" colour touch screen LCD
• Onscreen thumbnail image gallery
• Image modes: IR image, visual image, thermal fusion, MPEG 4 video
• Thermal fusion IR image shown within temp interval on visual image
• Picture-in-Picture: Resizable and movable IR area on visual image
• NEW IR Window Correction - When inspecting high voltage through safety IR windows this software corrects the image and severely improves quality.
• Temperature range: -20 ฐC to +350ฐC (-4ฐF to + 662ฐF)
• Accuracy ฑ2ฐC
Measurement analysis
• Insulation Alarm: Indicates insulation performance of the building
• Humidity Alarm (including Dew Point Alarm): Alerts you to areas where there is a risk of condensation
• 5 spot meters
• Area: 5 box areas with max/min/average
• Isotherm: Detect high/low temperature/interval
• Delta temperature between measurement functions or reference temperature (automatic calculation of temperature difference between two measurement tools)
• Audible/visual alarm (above/below) on spotmeter, box or difference temperature
• Difference temperature alarm, audible
• NEW MeterLink - New technology allowing you to wirelessly connect FLIR infrared cameras to Bluetooth Extech meters (e.g. Extech InspectorPro MO297 Multi-function Moisture Meter and Psychrometer) This data is instantly imprinted onto the thermal image.
• NEW Instant Report - Create a one page PDF report on site with IR/visual, text comments and object parameters through your camera. Copy to USB or PC and share with a customer.
• Colour palettes: BW, BW inv, iron, rain, rainHC, bluered
Storage of images
• Image storage: Removable SD-card (1000 images), MPEG-4 non-radiometric video
• Periodic image storage every 10 seconds up to 24 hours
• Panorama image support in FLIR BuildIR software (not included)
• NEW Image frequency: 30Hz / 9Hz
• NEW Copy to USB - Copy results to USB for quick data transfer.
Digital camera
• 3.1 megapixel (2048 x 1536 pixels) with flash
Image annotations
• NEW Bluetooth Voice Annotation - Make wireless comments in connection to the thermal images as you make an inspection.
• Text from predefined list or soft keyboard on touch screen
• Image marker: 4 on IR or visual image
• Sketch from touch screen
Physical data
• Holster for portability and easy access to camera
• Interface: USB, file transfer to/from PC
• Long 4-Hour battery with in-camera charging or car charger
• Dimensions: 106 x 201 x 125 mm
• Weight: 880g
• Includes FLIR QuickReport Software for analysis and reporting
• Compatible with Optional Microsoft Wordฎ-Based ThermaCAM Reporter Software w/spell Check

FLIR B425 Thermal Imaging Camera comes supplied with

• FLIR B425 Thermal Imager Camera
• FLIR QuickReport software
• FLIR B425 Transport case
• FLIR B425 Storage case
• SD memory card
• Rechargeable battery
• AC adaptor/charger
• 2-bay battery charger
• Power supply
• Power cord
• Sun shield
• Headset
• USB and video cables
• Stylus pen
• Lens cap
• FLIR B425 User documentation
• CD-ROM (21 languages)
• Getting started guide

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