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Sound Level Meters
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  1. TSSL1 Sound Level Meter Front
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    TestSafe TSSL1 Sound Level Meter

    • Four measurement ranges: 30-60, 50-80, 70-100 and 90-120dB
    • A frequency weighting
    • Analogue bargraph, automatic shutdown, over/under display, large LCD screen and more
  2. UNI T UT352 Sound Level meter kit
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    UNI-T UT352 Sound Level Meter

    • Measure sound across four measurement ranges up to 130dB
    • Both A and C frequency weighting
    • Selectable slow and fast sampling rates, internal memory and MAX/MIN mode
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Sound Level Meters

About Sound Level Meters

Suitable for everywhere from domestic properties to in industrial environments, sound meters are the easiest way to determine how loud something is.

Measuring sound is of the utmost importance in environments with extremely noisy machinery and equipment as those working around it may require protective ear equipment if the sound levels are too high. In domestic applications, sound meters can be used for everything from measuring the sound from overhead flightpaths to showing how loud a noise might be in the street or anywhere else.

Most sound meters are designed to measure sound ranging from extremely low (around 30db) to high (130db), making them suitable for measuring everything from barely discernible noise to the output of a jet engine. Many of these meters are also compatible with tripods, allowing them to be mounted and used completely hands-free.