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Lux & Light Meters
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  1. Kewtech KEWLM1 Pocket Light Meter
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    Kewtech KEWLM1 Pocket Light Meter

    • Handheld design - ideal for use by everyone from photographers to lighting professionals
    • Measurement range up to 40000 lux
    • Auto-backlit LCD display, MAX/MIN hold and auto power off
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Lux & Light Meters

About Lux & Light Meters

Suitable for use by anyone from professional photographers to lighting installers, light meters are capable of measuring light levels in both lux and footcandles to ensure correct installation and that excessive amounts of light is not output by a system.

In photography, light meters are commonly used to ensure that you get the absolute optimal image and are great for making sure your shots are as good as they can be. To use these testers, simply hold the built-in sensor (which may be equipped to the meter or attached by a flexible cord) up to the light source and the tester will do the rest.

Light meters can generally measure light levels as both lux and footcandle values. The overall range and abilities of the tester varies dependant on the model with the highest range light meters able to measure up to 400000lux and its equivalent in footcandles.

If you're working in difficult applications where the light may be hard to reach, we recommend using a light meter equipped with a flexible cord. This will allow you to hold the sensor up to the light while reading the results on the meter, making it much easier to test.