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Environment & Solar Equipment

Airflow & Anemometers

Suitable for use outdoors and inside in HVAC work, these testers quickly measure airflow and speed.


Humidity & Hygrometers

Evaluate temperature and humidity in an area. Ideal for HVAC, warehouses, greenhouses and more.


Lux & Light Meters

Ideal for use in photography, lighting installation and any other light measurement application.


Moisture Meters

Measure moisture content using our range of pin and non-invasive moisture meters.


Multifunction Environmental Meters

One tool does it all - measure light, sound, wind and more with these multifunctional instruments!


Sound Level Meters

No matter where you're measuring sound, sound meters will help you determine how loud something is.


Irradiance Meters

Handheld, portable instruments suitable for quickly measuring levels of solar irradiance.


Solar Accessories

Leads, labels and other accessories designed for use with solar testers and equipment.


About Environmental & Solar Equipment

At PAT-Services, our constantly expanding range of environmental equipment gives those who work in HVAC/R and any other environmental application the tools they need to carry out accurate and simple measurements.

With a wide range of equipment ranging from the latest anemometers to both invasive and non-invasive moisture meters, our environmental tools come from the world's best manufacturers, including Chauvin Arnoux, Fluke, Kane, Kewtech, Martindale, Protimeter, TSI and many others.

For solar installers, we also stock a selection of solar equipment including irradiance meters, solar labels, logbooks and software designed to make photovoltaic installations much easier. Our solar range is supplied courtesy of Seaward Solar and is highly popular amongst solar professionals.