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Tachometers & RPM Meters
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  1. Testo 465 Non-Contact Tachometer
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    Testo 465 Non-Contact Tachometer

    • Laser pointer
    • Measures RPM from 1 to 99999RPM
    • Portable design
  2. testo 470 rpm measuring instrument example
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    Testo 470 Dual-Contact Tachometer

    • Non-contact and full contact RPM measurements
    • Measures RPM, speed and length
    • Data hold, Mean/MAX/MIN functions and low battery warning
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Tachometers & RPM Meters

About Tachometers & RPM Meters

Available in both contact and non-contact forms, tachometers measure the overall RPM (revolutions per minute) of machinery to ensure correct installation and use.

Non-contact tachometers work by using reflective materials that the tester can read as it revolves. By determining the amount of times that the system revolves, the tachometer can gain a reading of overall RPM and displays this as a value on the built-in screen. Direct contact tachometers are best for more accurate measurements, but require more careful setup.