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Multifunction Testers
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  1. Chauvin Arnoux CA6117 Multifunction Tester
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    Chauvin Arnoux CA6117 Multifunction Tester

    • Tests absolutely everything you'll need for electrical installations
    • High definition, full-colour screen
    • Chauvin Arnoux's highest spec multifunction tester
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Multifunction Testers

About Multifunction Testers

Also known commonly as installation testers, multifunction testers are used to measure various common electrical parameters in order to test, repair and install electrical installations.

Portable, intuitive and packed full of functions, a common multifunction tester can be used to measure voltage, current, insulation resistance, continuity, frequency, phase sequence, RCD testing and more, with easy switching between each function. Depending on the model the overall range of the tester's measurement ability varies, but every MFT generally includes several selectable ranges for each test.

Multifunction testers usually always have their own built-in memory, with some allowing the user to download testing information directly to a PC for further analysis in a compatible software package. Memory recall makes it easier to get the results you need from earlier in the day without the need to constantly jot down information.

Our range of MFTs are supplied courtesy of the world's greatest manufacturers, including DiLog, Fluke, Kewtech, Megger, Metrel and Seaward. We stock all leading models including the Fluke 1600 range, Metrel MI3125, Megger MFT1700 range and much more.

If you have any questions about multifunction testers or anything, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you choose the right tester for your application.