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Calibration Checkboxes
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  1. CalCard Calibration Checkbox
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    CalCard Calibration Checkbox

    • The easiest to use and most portable calibration checkbox on the market
    • Fits in your wallet, purse or anywhere due to its credit-card sized shape
    • Checks the insulation and continuity of a wide variety of electrical testers
  2. NICEIC - CalCheck Calibration Checkbox
  3. Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox kit
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    Kewtech FC2000 Calibration Checkbox

    • Calibrate insulation, continuity, RCD and loop testers
    • Ensure the accuracy of your testers in the time period between official calibration
    • Built into its own protective carrying case, null facility for test leads and compatible with most testers
  4. Seaward PAT Checkbox for Portable Appliance Testers
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    Seaward Pat Tester Checkbox

    • Universal PAT tester compatibility
    • Measures earth bond, insulation, flash test and earth leakage
    • Simple, effective way to check the accuracy of PAT testers
  5. Megger MTB7671 Calibration Test Box
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    Megger MTB7671 Calibration Checkbox

    • Suitable for use with 17th edition testers
    • Tests everything from resistance to earth loop impedance
    • Built-into its own handy protective carrying case
  6. Seaward Powercheck 1557 Calibration checkbox
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    Seaward Powercheck 1557 Calibration Checkbox

    • Compatible with PAT testers and multifunction testers
    • Measurements of earth continuity, insulation resistance, RCD trip time, loop, touch current and more
    • Compliant with 17th edition, IET Code of Practice and built into its own protective carry case
6 Item(s)
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Calibration Checkboxes

About Calibration Checkboxes

Compatible with PAT testers, multifunction testers, insulation testers, continuity testers and more, calibration checkboxes are must-have accessories that ensure you can check the overall accuracy of your tester in the time period between official calibration by a certified laboratory.

Calibration checkboxes vary both in size and ability; smaller boxes generally have smaller ranges, while larger boxes may come housed in their own protective carrying case and carry out more comprehensive measurements.

We recommend using a calibration checkbox regularly with your tester to ensure that your results haven't been affected by drift. Several factors ranging from direct drops of the tester to overcurrent passing through circuitry can cause inaccurate readings, so using a checkbox ensures that your meter remains correctly calibrated and is generating the results you need.

If you have any questions about our range of calibration checkboxes, please give us a call and we'll be happy to help you.