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AC/DC Clamp Meters
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  1. Kewtech Digital 600A AC 600V AC-DC Clamp Meter kit
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    Kewtech KEW2040 AC CAT IV Digital Clamp Meter

    • 33m jaw CAT IV rated clamp meter
    • Measure current to 600A AC, voltage to 600V AC/DC and continuity/frequency
    • Built-in non-contact voltage indicator, MIN/MAX mode and 6039 count display
  2. FLUKE324 400A AC True RMS Clamp Meter with temperature
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    Fluke 324 True RMS Clamp Meter

    • Upgraded version of the Fluke 323
    • Measure AC current up to 400A using the 30mm jaws
    • Also measures AC/DC voltage, capacitance, resistance and temperature
  3. Kewtech Digital 600A & 600V AC-DC Clamp Meter with True RMS kit
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    Kewtech KEW2046R True RMS AC/DC CAT IV Digital Clamp Meter

    • True RMS for enhanced accuracy
    • Current measurements to 600A AC/DC, voltage to 600V AC/DC and frequency, capacitance and temperature measurements
    • Voltage indicator, 33mm jaws, continuity buzzer and MIN/MAX memory
  4. Kewtech Digital 1000A & 600V AC-DC Clamp Meter with True RMS
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    Kewtech KEW2056R True RMS AC/DC CAT IV Digital Clamp Meter

    • True RMS
    • Current up to 1000A AC
    • Voltage up to 1000V AC/DC
  5. Fluke 902 E True RMS Clamp Meter HVAC Kit
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    Fluke 902 Clamp Meter

    • Ideal for HVAC testing - capture flue gas temperatures, conduct flame rod testing and more
    • Measurements of AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, resistance, continuity, temperature and capacitance
    • Small body and jaws, backlit display, display hold, auto shut off and easy, one-handed operation
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AC/DC Clamp Meters

About AC/DC Clamp Meters

Available in many different sizes, clamp meters are used to directly measure the current of a conductor without the need to physically break the circuit. Simply hook the tester's jaws directly around a measurement point such as a wire and you can test AC/DC current safely, quickly and easily.

Clamp meters vary greatly depending on their model and price. Higher priced clamps generally have larger jaws and wider measurement ranges, while lower-priced clamps are suitable for more basic electrical measurements. Many clamps also double up as multimeters, including the ability to measure additional parameters such as voltage and resistance by using included test leads.

Many manufacturers are now also starting to develop flexible clamp meters designed for use in difficult applications. Fluke's CNX range are one such examples of these testers; thanks to the inclusion of flexible clamps, the user can bend the clamp as necessary around a difficult conductor, making it significantly easier to gain measurements in areas where a normal clamp meter might not be feasible.