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Calibration & Repair

Calibrate.co.uk (part of the PASS Group) are experts in all aspects of calibration and repair. You can visit www.calibrate.co.uk for prices, info and to receive a quote for your equipment.

Calibration and Repair


Here are some reasons to choose us for your calibration:


Thousands of professionals and large organisations trust us as their calibration house of choice.

3 Day Or Free

We can calibrate a large range of equipment and ship it back to you within 3 working days of receipt.


PASS works closely with our courier service and offers a nationwide pick-up-and-dropoff delivery service.


We calibrate it all, have a look below to see what we can do.


Call 01642 626144 or


Calibration List

Below is a full list of our calibration services. If you don't see your equipment listed, please call us on 01642 626144 and we will try to source a solution for you.

Electrical Testers3 Day or Free
5kv Insulation Testers Yes
Bench Top Multimeters Yes
Cable Locators Yes
Calibration Checkboxes Yes
CAT Scanners and Gennys No
Clamp Meters Yes
Decade/Time Resistance Boxes Yes
Digital Multimeters Yes
Function Generators No
Ground/Earth Testers Yes
LCR Meters No
mA/Loop Calibrators Yes
Milliohm Meters Yes
Multifunction 17th Edition Testers Yes
Oscilloscopes (2 channel to 100meg) No
PAT Calibration Checkboxes Yes
PAT Testers Yes
Phase Rotation Equipment No
Power Analysers No
Process Meters Yes
Proving Units Yes
Scopemeters No
Single Function 17th Edition Testers Yes
Single Range Acoustic Calibrators Yes
Socket Testers Yes
Volt Sticks Yes
Voltage Detectors Yes
Tools & Equipment3 Day or Free
Internal Micrometer Set (1-2") Yes
Measuring Tapes (to 3m) Yes
Micrometers (External Fixed 6") Yes
Steel Rules (to 1m) Yes
Theodolites No
Vernier Callipers Yes
Torque Equipment3 Day or Free
Torque Screwdrivers Yes
Torque Wrenches (up to 1000Nm) Yes
Weights & Scales3 Day or Free
Weighing Scales (up to 250Kg) Yes
Weights (up to 250kg) Yes
Pressure Equipment3 Day or Free
Barometers No
Chart Recorders/Dataloggers No
Digital Manometers Yes
Digital Pressure Gauges (Kellers etc) No
Drucks (Digital Pressure Indicators) No
Force Gauges (to 1000N) No
Pressure Gauges (552bar) Yes
Pressure Gauges (2800bar) Yes
Relief Valves No
Vacuum Gauges Yes
Gas Equipment3 Day or Free
Gas Detectors No
Flue Gas Analysers No
Quad Gas Yes
Refrigerant Leak Meters No
Single Gas Yes
Temperature Equipment3 Day or Free
Digital Thermometers Yes
Dry Block Calibrators Yes
Glass Thermometers Yes
IR Thermometers Yes
Thermal Cameras Yes
Instrument3 Day or Free
Conductivity Simulators No
Dumpy Level No
Environmental Meters No
Hardness/Thickness Testers Yes
Leakage Detectors No
Light Meters (Lux) Yes
Moisture Meters No
Rotating Laser Levels No
Single-Range Acoustic Calibrators Yes
Solar Power Meters No
Sound Level Meters (Type 2) Yes
Tachometers No
Thermal Hygrometer Yes
Total Station No
Flow Equipment3 Day or Free
Anemometers (to 30m/s) No
Rotameter No

Arrange Your Calibration Online

Online Calibration

Drop your equipment off at one of over 2,000 convenient access points, such as your local newsagents, across the UK. This service is carried out by the UPS network.



01642 626144, or