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PAT-Services :: Multifunction Testers (Free Bundles)

For a limited time choose a free bundle containing a selection of useful accessories worth over £87.

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Multifunction Testers

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  1. Seaward Powertest 1557 MultiFunction Installation Tester
    Save £489.00
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    Seaward PowerTest 1557 Multifunction Installation Tester

    • Comprehensive suite of tests - voltage, frequency, RCD, line impedance, earth continuity and more
    • Small, portable and easy-to-use design
    • Unique cordless probe for easier testing
  2. DiLog 9083P 17th Edition Multifunction Tester offer kit
    Save £524.90
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    DiLog 9083P Multifunction Tester

    • Handheld, portable design
    • Packed full of testing functions - continuity, RCD, PSCC, insulation, loop impedance, RCD and socket polarity
    • Full protection against damage from accidental phase connection
  3. Metrel MI3125E Basic Handheld 17th Edition Tester
    Save £430.00
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    Metrel MI3125E Multifunction Tester

    • One of the smallest multifunction testers on the market
    • Inutitive design - rechargeable batteries, PASS/FAIL LED indicators and graphical display
    • Unique to PASS - can carry out earth testing via an optional earth spike kit
  4. Metrel MI3100 Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester with Help Screen & Tip Commander


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    Metrel MI3100 Eurotest Easi

    • Measure insulation resistance, continuity of PE conductors, line/loop impedance, voltage/frequency, phase sequence, RCD and earth resistance
    • Rechargeable with large-size downloadable memory
    • Easy to use, with built in help screens and fuse tables
  5. Metrel MI3125ES Multifunction Tester Special Bundle
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    Metrel MI3125ES Multifunction Tester Special Bundle

    • Massive bundle pack exclusive to PASS
    • Includes multifunction tester, leads, croc clips, voltage tester, cal checkbox, wander lead and R2 adaptor
    • Downloadable, portable and intuitive installation tester
  6. Kewtech KT63 Multifunction Tester
    Save £380.00
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    Kewtech KT63 Multifunction Tester

    • 5-in-1: measures insulation, continuity, loop impedance, PSC/PFC and RCD
    • Anti-trip technology loop testing
    • Selectable insulation test voltages: 250, 500 and 1000V
  7. Fluke 1651B Multifunction Installation Tester Kit
    Save £358.00
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    Fluke 1651B Multifunction Tester

    • Entry-level model in Fluke 1650 range - ideal for use by any electrical installer
    • Measure voltage, frequency, wiring polarity, continuity, loop, RCD switching time and much more
    • Self-test, illuminated display and comes with a remote control probe, zero adapter and hard case
  8. Robin Amprobe KTS1625 Digital Multifunction Tester
    Save £187.00
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    Robin-Amprobe KTS1625 Digital Multifunction Tester

    • Tests insulation. continuity, line/loop impedance and RCDs
    • Voltage/frequency measurements
    • Instant correct wiring status check, dual measurement display, backlit screen and low battery indicator
  9. Megger MFT1710 Multifunction Tester Kit
    Save £310.00
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    Megger MFT1710 Multifunction Tester

    • Adjustable 200mA continuity/resistance test
    • 30, 100, 300 and 500mA RCD testing
    • Non-tripping L-PE 50V - 280V loop test
  10. Martindale ET4000 Multifunction Tester - Front
    Save £460.00
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    Martindale ET4000 Multifunction Tester

    • Red and green PASS/FAIL indicators
    • Performs all tests needed to test domestic, commercial and industrial applications
    • In line with 3rd amendment 17th edition regulations
  11. Kewtech KT64 Standard Kit
    Save £560.00
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    Kewtech KT64DL Multifunction Tester

    • UK-specific multifunction tester
    • High accuracy results with an array of advanced features
    • Anti-trip, test button in probe, PFC/PSC, insulation testing with auto discharge and test lead compensation
  12. Fluke 1652C Tester kit
    Save £467.00
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    Fluke 1652C Multifunction Tester

    • Measure voltage, frequency, wiring polarity, RCDs, loop/line resistance and much more
    • Handheld, durable and rugged design
    • Ideal for use by any electrical installer
  13. Martindale ET4500 Multifunction Tester - Full Kit
    Save £550.00
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    Martindale ET4500 Multifunction Tester

    • Downloadable memory
    • Performs earth spike testing using optional kit
    • Suitable for commercial, domestic and industrial installations
  14. Metrel MI3125BT1 Eurotest Combo Bluetooth Multifunction Tester
    Save £326.55
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    Metrel MI3125BT1 Eurotest Combo Bluetooth Multifunction Tester

    • Bluetooth multifunction tester - interfaces wirelessly with a smartphone
    • Packed full of measurement functions: insulation, RCD, earth spike and more
    • Portable, handheld design
  15. Fluke 1653B Multifunction Tester Kit
    Save £568.00
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    Fluke 1653B Multifunction Tester

    • Highly popular amongst electrical installation professionals
    • Measure everything from system voltage to RCD installations
    • Large-size memory, fully downloadable, variable RCD mode, high current loop testing, select voltage measurements and more
  16. Metrel MI3100S Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester
    Save £390.00
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    Metrel MI3100S Eurotest Easi Multifunction Tester

    • Improved version of the MI3100s
    • Earth resistance testing, phase sequence testing and online voltage monitoring
    • Vast selection of testing procedures
  17. Kewtech Digital 8-in-1 Multifunction Tester with ATT
    Save £650.00
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    Kewtech KT65 Multifunction Tester

    • Simple testing of phase rotation, loop, RCD and insulation
    • Memory with direct download to PC
    • Backlit display, test lead compensation, anti-trip technology, PFC/PSC and more
  18. Megger MFT1720-BS Multifunction Tester and TPT320 Bundle
    Save £445.00
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    Megger MFT1720-BS Multifunction Tester and TPT320 Bundle

    • Ideal for electrical installers
    • Includes multifunction tester, voltage tester and more
    • Great value
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1-18 of 27 products
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About Multifunction Testers

Also known commonly as installation testers, multifunction testers are used to measure various common electrical parameters in order to test, repair and install electrical installations.

Portable, intuitive and packed full of functions, a common multifunction tester can be used to measure voltage, current, insulation resistance, continuity, frequency, phase sequence, RCD testing and more, with easy switching between each function. Depending on the model the overall range of the tester's measurement ability varies, but every MFT generally includes several selectable ranges for each test.

Multifunction testers usually always have their own built-in memory, with some allowing the user to download testing information directly to a PC for further analysis in a compatible software package. Memory recall makes it easier to get the results you need from earlier in the day without the need to constantly jot down information.

Our range of MFTs are supplied courtesy of the world's greatest manufacturers, including DiLog, Fluke, Kewtech, Megger, Metrel and Seaward. We stock all leading models including the Fluke 1600 range, Metrel MI3125, Megger MFT1700 range and much more.

If you have any questions about multifunction testers or anything, just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you choose the right tester for your application.